Silentbob's World of "SUSHI"

The fish say: A pox on you and your house!!

You may ask why RAW FISH..
Well, I'll tell you RAW FISH are igno-red and
neglected by these internet fellows either their
shrines to Spam and Spam games... The RAW FISH
need a voice! Someone to speak on their behalf
to all the people out there surfing the net.
It is time to put an end to all this favoritism!
Rise up all ye salmon... take heart all ye cod!
Your avenger has come at long last!

chop chop


Additional pages-
Information about sushi
Different kinds of sushi and their names
Nutritional information about sushi
Kill The Fisherman Game

The Fortune Cookie Page -

(get your fortunes without having to buy or eat any cat bi-products)-

EAT ME..... save the paper!!!!

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